Mission:Continuously creating high-quality healthy and user-friendly lighting products,serving billions of users woeldwide

TENZ Lighting have always adhered to originality and creat high-quality products,TENZ Lighting iscommitted to creating a professional high-end commercial lighting brand that integrates research and development,production,sales,and lighting design services in the field of commercial lighting

Solving Light Pollution

Putting people first and starting from the heart

Creating comfortable light environment with healthy light and colorsLighting up a happy life

Tianyue Series

Having the rugged nature of a mature man from the north

Enormous body provides a comprehensive sense of beloved security

And potential implications

Skin texture,exquisite tenderness,stunning experience

Make you desperate to perceive and embrace

Mingjian Series

In an abortion

I saw you at a glance

You may not be the best, but you are definitely the best

Unique small waist with a rounded and layered body

Classic black and white style with personalized functional features

Everything moved me

Aka Series

King of guns AK47

It has a series of characteristics such as high lethality,high reliability,simple operation,

low failure rate,high cost-effectiveness

Using advanced structural design concepts and beneficial to others thinking model

Creating the King in the Family of Economical Products

Qingying Series

Small stature,Large energy

Lightweight and graceful posture

Well-arranged stuctural design

The product is very lightweight and has become a new favorite in the designer industry once it is introduced to the market

Sijian Series

Everything you see,everything you think in your heart

Strong industrial design style

Unique hollowed out sunflower stucture

Wild yet elegant,full yet refined

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